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Colorama: Spring Summer 2015 is a journey through style where colour is the guide. Stronger and paler colours that alternate as the seasons progress. A sophisticated palette that evolves in step with different materials, embroidery details and decorations

Violet Grass

More colour. From a purple palette comes fresh and lightweight garments: dresses, tunics and trouser skirts in refined fabrics alternate with monochrome colours, geometric patterns and floral prints.

Linen and cotton overcoat £375.00
Cotton knit shirt £225.00
Linen and cotton trouser skirt £195.00
  • Silk and wool cardigan £170.00
  • Cotton jersey knit shirt £215.00
  • Cotton poplin skirt £205.00
  • Linen knit cardigan £205.00
  • Cotton poplin dress £275.00
  • Laminated leather sandals £355.00

Purple Poise

Purple and pale pink petal prints feature on this linen and cotton straw cloth jacket, which is light and versatile.


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