Elegant women’s tailored suits enrich the selection of sophisticated suits in the new Max Mara catalogue.The new collection’s items are defined by soft colours and one-of-a-kind style, adding a cutting-edge allure to any look. Discover the full range of Max Mara’s distinctive styles, including: jackets in pure wool, linen and cotton; viscose blazers and cotton jersey trousers. The Max Mara suit selection guarantees a natural, laid-back silhouette, minimalist cut and luxury fabrics.

Suits and accessories for important occasions. Max Mara offers a wide selection of alluring, high-quality styles, including: business suits; suits that are perfect for young people on their graduation day; and jacket-and-trouser sets for special events.

Max Mara’s women’s suits are the embodiment of experience, attention to detail, high-quality raw materials and skilled tailoring. Wear them with our exclusive coats, bags and designer shoes to always keep in step with the latest stylish fashions.

Discover the new line of Max Mara suits, available in-store and online.

The new Max Mara collection presents women’s suits and outfits, elegant suits and coordinated garments, such as chic trousers and jackets, as style allies to count on for everyday looks, from the office to free time, but also for special occasions, to always maintain perfect harmony between style and dress code.

Versatile and elegant, the Max Mara women’s trouser suit is characterised by its lines that are minimalist and sophisticated, for the quality of the yarns and for the tailored cuts that can only be compared in quality to a tailor-made men’s suit.

The Max Mara women’s suits collection, furthermore, renews itself show after show with original details, innovative combinations and precious finishes, gaining a position as a point of reference in style for those who are looking for contemporary, tailored looks.

Among Max Mara’s elegant outfits, finally, there are always jackets and trousers, skirts and blazers, in cotton and tweed, wool and cashmere, silk and wool, and in velvet, making the Max Mara women’s suit the essential piece for every wardrobe. The collection also covers wedding suits for women and women’s trouser suits for special occasions.

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