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Max Mara Resort 2025 - Venetia

Venice and the multi-culturalism that flourished here for centuries inspire Max Mara’s latest Resort 2025 collection. The eternally beautiful city, so often represented as a woman embodying justice, harmony, power, progress, loyalty and grace is the perfect location for the Max Mara show. Palazzo Ducale, the masterpiece of Venetian gothic architecture, hosts Max Mara for this special event. Watch the fashion film online now.

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The Inner Life

Modern, spare, yet deeply evocative. The Fall Winter 2024 runway show looks to Colette: multi-talented artist and feminist icon of the Belle Époque. Discover the silhouettes inspired by the rounded elegance of the 1910’s. Colette’s mannish classics are re-interpreted in impeccable officer coats and power jackets with camisoles and slipdresses providing a seductive counterpoint.

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Utility Glamour

The Spring Summer 2024 advertising campaign is a tribute to empowerment. It recalls the utilitarian romance of women called to work the land in the 1940s, the Women’s Land Army. Their workwear classics are the inspiration for Max Mara’s new glamour.

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Max Mara Coats Adventure - Roblox experience

Max Mara is thrilled to announce the launch of its first Roblox game, Max Mara Coats Adventure, an experience that blends art, education and fun.
Dive into this stylish and fluffy world to engage with adorable Teddy, create elegant garments, collect stitches, ride rollercoaster and gain unique UGC.

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An Army Of Women

The Max Mara Spring Summer 2024 collection: a new utility glamour is inspired by the workwear of the Land Girls in the 1940’s and by the passion for urban gardens that is greening our modern cities. From the overalls and dungarees worn by the heroines of the Land Army to the bold floral prints, inspired by the garden of the English poet Vita Sackville-West, Max Mara is taking summer glamour outside.

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Max Mara Fall Winter 2023 Runway Show – The Camelocracy

The journey to the Fall Winter 2023 runway finds us in the world of Émilie, Marquise du Châtelet, a free-spirited intellectual in the age of reason who took on the 18th century establishment, championing intellectual freedom with verve and imagination. In Max Mara’s imagination, Émilie spurns the restrictive
styles of the day, lifts the curtain on the future and reveals a new wardrobe for now.

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Max Mara, in collaboration with Collezione Maramotti, is delighted to present Microclima.

Microclima is the permanent site-specific work created by French artist Eva Jospin for the terrace of the Max Mara flagship store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele/Piazza del Liberty, Milan.
Enhancing the interior space of the store and juxtaposing it with the open space of Piazza del Liberty, the work stimulates reflection on a different perception – natural, physical, poetic – of space.
Microclima consists of a glass and metal greenhouse structure that encloses a world that is both intimate and closely connected to the outside world, with a vision that changes from day to night and with the seasons.

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Max Mara’s Spring Summer 2023 Runway Show - The Blue Horizon

The Riviera style started on the sunny beaches of the 1920s. Timeless muses and icons like Renée Perle and Eileen Gray evoke its spirit by embodying the fashion and architecture of that decade. The Max Mara Spring/Summer 2023 collection is inspired by these archetypes.

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Max Mara Resort 2023 - Vai lenço feliz

The lush gardens of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon are the setting for the Max Mara Resort 2023 fashion show. Among the Foundation’s treasures is a painting by Nikias Skapinakis of the poet Natália Correia: she is the muse of the Resort collection.
Correia’s powerful personality placed her at the heart of Portuguese cultural life in the 1970’s and ‘80’s where she became symbolic of a seductive and unconventional femininity. With this collection, Max Mara pays homage to Portuguese culture - from the haunting melodies of fado, music of love and passion to the Lenços de namorados do Minho, "handkerchiefs of lovers". In tribute, Max Mara delivers its own powerful message of passion:"Vai lenço feliz" .

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Max Mara Fall-Winter 2022 Runway Show

Max Mara Fall Winter 2022 celebrates Sophie Taeuber-Arp, a true modernist who manages to add a sense of magic and mystery to everyday objects. The marionettes and costumes designed by the artist for her most famous work, “King Stag” exude energy and and kinetic spirit. Fairy-tale characters suspended between animal and robot worlds, which inspire the powerful, surprising silhouettes of this new collection, that speaks the language of the modern elegance of Max Mara.

Advss22 Campaign Max Mara


In the Max Mara Spring Summer 2022 campaign the models capture the spirit of Françoise Sagan, writer of the Beat Generation mostly know for her iconic work 'Bonjour Trsitesse'. The collection is created around Sagan’s own style: easy beatnik chic and workwear classics re-imagined with prêt-à-porter finesse.

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Max Mara Spring Summer 2022 Runway Show

The Max Mara Spring Summer 2022 show transports us to the world of Françoise Sagan and that summer in the 1950’s when, as a rebellious teenager, she wrote her literary masterpiece, "Bonjour Tristesse", and became a superstar in the intellectual firmament that held the Beat Generation in its thrall.
The Spring Summer 2022 Collection evokes classic workwear with an upscale prêt-à-porter flair. Styles feature precise contrasting seams on gathered canvas, impeccable poplin and denim. Tank tops and masculine-style sandals with chunky soles complete the bad girl look. Sometimes-embroidered chiffon with delicate feathers counterbalances the workwear style.
The colour palette ranges from sand and tan to navy blue and black, enhanced by yellow and orange accents recalling sunlit beaches. Beach umbrellas are the inspiration for laid-back complete looks in boldly striped canvas.

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Max Mara Resort 2022 - Local Color

The Resort 2022 Local Color Collection is set against the picturesque backdrop of Ischia. The inspiration is the journey, recalled by the writer Truman Capote in his collection of stories “Local Color”, from which the collection takes its name. Symbols of Capote’s narrative are his “swans”, beautiful women who led a glamorous life in search of perfection. With this collection Max Mara is seeking to appeal to a new generation of swans, today’s working women with different, yet equally glamorous lives. The film of the collection is directed by Ginevra Elkann, a director and niece of Marella Agnelli, one of Truman Capote’s “swans”.

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Max Mara Cameluxe Max Mara

Cameluxe Ultra-fine insulating technology. Made in Italy from the Existing Powered by Imbotex Lab

CAMELUXE is a new frontier for mindful fashion: discarded camelhair fabrics are upcycled from our legendary coats (and not only) in order to create a warm insulating pad. It is capable of maintaining the same properties of virgin materials, without requiring additional consumption.

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Maxmara Emma Talbot Art Prize Mobile News Max Mara

Emma Talbot wins the 8th edition of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women

Emma Talbot’s winning proposal for the Max Mara Art Prize for Women questions deeply rooted positions of power, governance, attitudes to nature and representations of women, through an acutely personal lens. As the winner, Emma Talbot will spend six months in Italy on a bespoke residency, creating a new body of work to be shown at the Whitechapel Gallery in 2021, followed by the Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy.

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Gemma Chan is the recipient of the Women in Film Max Mara Face of the Future Award 2020

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Zendaya spotted in a total red look from the #MaxMaraFW19 collection. Zendaya indossa la collezione Max Mara MaxMaraFW19
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Max Mara's Face Of The Future 2019: Elizabeth Debicki

It’s award season in Los Angeles. At The Beverly Hilton Hotel the stars were out this week for Elizabeth Debicki, the latest mega-star in the making, to be recognised by the Women In Film Max Mara Face Of The Future Award®.

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Spring Summer 2019 Campaign Max Mara
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10 years of coat-crafting edge

To celebrate The Cube’s 10th anniversary, and in honor of a craft we love, we asked a group of photographers to give us their interpretation of this idea, with only one caveat in mind: it can be analogue or digital, pixel or grain, but always, it has to be life, cubed.

004 Nancy Pelosi Max Mara
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010 Eventi   Coats Seoul Max Mara
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Contemporary romances

A collection combining a sophisticated essence with true tailoring savoir faire, Max Mara Bridal is the perfect and practical companion to every modern fairy tale. Season after season contemporary classics live alongside new romantic styles with an edge, embellished by precious materials and refined details.

019 47346668 689048881488526 3237834329214047710 N Max Mara
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Product Max Mara

101801: the one and only

Yesterday, today, tomorrow – the 101801 is forever chic. A beautiful balancing act between tradition and newness, fashion’s most iconic coat deserves a moment in the spotlight – then, now and again.

Product 2 Max Mara

My Manuela

Ultra-feminine and faultlessly flattering, the Manuela’s cinched-waist silhouette celebrates and elevates the beauty in every woman. An empowering style statement as unique as you are.

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Teddy mania

Ultra-plush and fuzzy, yet with a worthy wow factor, the Teddy has quickly become a firm favorite with the fashion crowd. A sartorial dream come true, throw it on for instant cozy chic – gasps of utter delight guaranteed.

Teddy is here to stay
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022 Max Mara Teddybear Coat Rosie Huntington Whiteley (web Rights June 2018 To June 2019) Max Mara
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025 Max Mara Teddybear Coat Elsa Hosk (web Rights June 2018 To June 2019) Max Mara
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