Padded coats



Comfortable and warm, the Max Mara women’s padded coats are the outdoor garment par excellence for the winter season. Perfect for style at high altitudes, the padded winter jackets from the Max Mara collection also come down to the city thanks to the versatile style of the models that are more chic than ever, setting them apart for their fit, practicality and impeccable style details. Among the various new articles are quilted outdoor garments that come as both long padded coats and short designs, light padded jackets, quilted jackets, parkas, reversible showerproof padded jackets, sleeveless gilets and the iconic The Cube, a piece in itself, that thanks to its original design is an alternative key quilted fashion piece for every season.

Available in a wide colour palette that ranges from white to black, and through a series of highly original chromatic tones in between, Max Mara ladies padded coats are the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, quality and design, fit and glamour details.

The collection of Max Mara padded jackets skilfully combines sophisticated and iconic materials and high-tech fabrics to give life to these models that redefine the concept of casual.


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