Max Mara The Cube

Max Mara The Cube, focused on the down jacket, is an integrated system of outerwear and accessories born in 2008. The Max Mara The Cube’s design is so innovative that it has been “boxed” into the display cases at the Berlin State Museums and New York’s FIT, as a “cult object” in the “Fashion and Technology” exhibitions.

 S Cube 2 Max Mara
 S Cube 3 Max Mara
Max Mara The Cube with Cameluxe padding

Max Mara means camel hair. Some of our most legendary coats are made from fibres obtained from the natural combing of camel hair. Any excess fabric from processing is recovered and upcycled to produce the Cameluxe, an ultra-fine  padding for a new generation of The Cube.


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CAMELUXE is a new frontier for mindful fashion: the excess camelhair fabrics are upcycled from our legendary coats (and not only) in order to create a warm insulating pad. By repurposing luxury materials that would otherwise have been wasted these new methods directly address the challenges of fashion production’s environmental impact. As a result, energy consumption is decreased, waste managed, water usage and CO2 emissions reduced.